We provide seed capital for information and communications technology ventures.

Pre-product-market fit startups powering the data-driven future of business, founded by passionate entrepreneurs who possess unique technical expertise.

Cross-industry, B2B, innovations pushing the frontier in leveraging or building networks, platforms and protocols that help businesses gather, process, store or transmit information.

Solutions with long term growth potential based on the fundamental trends of AI, IoT and Big Data.

What we look for


We look for companies that have set out to deliver ambitious solutions to challenging problems. We are inspired by solutions that reimagine infrastructures and ecosystems supporting the data-driven future of business. Solutions with an advantage that will allow them to capture a piece of an emerging market and be able to defend their position over time through scale and network economies. Solutions ready to demonstrate product fit in today’s market and can grow into high margin, repeatable revenue businesses over the next decade.


We look for prudent technical founders that are passionate problem solvers with a unique insight into the markets they’re going after. Ones that build their product in an extensible, resource-efficient way that will pave the road towards high upside potential. Ones with the courage and conviction to lead, adapt and be highly resourceful on their journey to realizing their vision and defending it.

How we add value

We focus on early stage companies because that’s where we can contribute the most. We are happy to be the ones to write you your first check. We only make investments that we feel strongly enough about to lead the round and close it out. In some cases, there’s a better fit to take the lead and we’ll gladly come along as a part of the syndicate. We’ll do your pre-seed, help you build a team, invest our pro rata in your seed round and help you demonstrate undeniable product-market fit. When you’re ready, we’ll connect you with a specialized Series A investor that will help scale your tech and your business. If you run out funds before achieving product-market fit, we’ll extend your runway to get there.

As your investors we care to take the time to build a true partnership with you. We are here to support you, motivate you, set milestones with you and hold you accountable. When you’re busy tackling everyday challenges, we’re still thinking about you and the journey we’re on together. During our day-to-day we are available to leverage our peer community of partners, investors and other founders to identify new opportunities, synergies and outside-the-box strategies for your venture. In addition to our equity investment, we’ll pay for CEO coaching and an outsourced CFO to provide you with the tools and knowledge to operate a growing business while your team is focused on building your product.

Let's get started

We like easy and transparent communication. we read every single email, send us anything you’d like us to see. We like to start building a relationship with founders early, so if we’re aligned and can add value we’d like to be in touch, even if you’re not ready to raise capital yet.


On October 29th, 1969 UCLA professor Leonard Kleinrock and his student Charley Klien sent the first electronic message hundreds of miles north to Bill Duval at the Stanford Research Institute. Machines at the two campuses were linked virtually and made the exchange over ARPANET - what eventually became the internet we use today.

They attempted to type in and transmit the word “Login” but the system crashed after the “o”. The first word ever sent across the internet was “Lo”, an ancient English exclamation which is used to call attention to an amazing event!